Our People

Chad Stewart, P.Eng., QP-ESA

Chad is Senior Project Engineer and Practice Leader of Altech’s Property Due Diligence, Investigation & Remediation practice. He has an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Engineering from Queens University, and has a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) license from PEO.  He has extensive technical and business experience in environmental consulting over a variety of areas of expertise, has fulfilled numerous roles in a variety of types of projects, and experienced working in many different jurisdictions within Canada and internationally (USA, Mexico, Cuba, Saudi Arabia).  Chad is passionate about applying science and engineering principles to assessing and remediating our adverse impacts to the environment, and helping our clients achieve environmental compliance.


Naveed Rehman, P.Geo., QP-ESA

Naveed is a Senior Project Geoscientist in Altech’s Property Due Diligence, Investigation & Remediation area with close to ten years of professional experience in environmental site assessment, remediation and geological exploration projects.  His experience includes the areas of Phase One and Two Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), indoor air quality sampling, testing and monitoring, site clean-up and remediation, designated substances survey (DSS) including asbestos abatement.  Mr.  Rehman has extensive experience in site reconnaissance, field investigations, supervising and monitoring air quality assessment projects, overseeing site clean-up and/or remediation programs and conducting Phase One and Two ESAs.  Naveed earned his Bachelors of Science (B.Sc.) degree from the University of Toronto and is a licensed Professional Geoscientist in Ontario & Qualified Person (QP – Site Assessor) under the Ontario Ministry of Environment’s requirements of O.Reg. 153.


Noor Alif, M.Eng., P.Eng.,

Noor Alif is a Senior Project Engineer in the Permitting & Compliance practice at Altech. He has a civil engineering degree from McGill university, and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering from University of Calgary. He has experience in various sectors including the oil and gas servicing industry, construction, regulatory body, and now consulting. Noor is an experienced professional with advanced regulatory knowledge and a passion for the natural environment.  


Ethan Jiao, M.Eng., EIT

Tianyang Ethan Jiao is a Junior Project Consultant within Altech’s Permitting & Compliance practice. He has a chemical engineering degree and a Master of Engineering in industrial engineering degree from the University of Toronto. He has experience in environmental compliance, air dispersion modelling, and noise modelling in Ontario. He previously interned at the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks during his studies at the school. Tianyang cares about the environment and technology, and he drives an EV for his commute. 


Oussama Hamdanie, P.Eng., M.Eng., CEM

Oussama is Manager of our CharTech Solutions technology division, and brings more than 17 years of industrial market experience including consulting, engineering, and construction to Char Technologies.  He is a recognized expert in Water/Wastewater Engineering and Treatment Solutions, Renewable Energy, Pollution Prevention & Contamination Control, Water and Energy Efficiency, and Environmental Sustainability Solutions. He has a successful track record in the development and positioning of treatment solutions both domestically and globally, strength in performance assessment and development of teams in addition to strong financial management skills. He has a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering as well as a Master’s Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario and a Certified Energy Manager.   


John Nicholson, M.Sc., P.Eng.

John is a Project Consultant and has over 25 years of experience in environmental consulting, in environmental law, and in government.  John has a M.Sc. (Eng.) from the University of Guelph and is a registered professional engineer in the Province of Ontario.  After meeting Andrew White, CHAR Technologies’ founder in 2013, he became one of its first investors.  He has been actively involved with helping grow the company and assisting clients since that time.  What John most enjoys about working at CHAR is working with a team that is passionate about finding environmental solutions.     


Andrew Friedenthal

Andrew is Business Development Manager for CharTech Solutions. He has an arts degree from McGill university, and is proficient at Mandarin with his HSK-5 certification. He has international experience conducting business in China, the US and Canada, while working across different sectors including technology, plastics, and organics to achieve leading-edge and sustainable projects for multinational organizations. Andrew is incredibly passionate about driving sustainable growth – helping clients/sites eliminate pollution by developing innovative solutions that deliver long-term value. 


Silvia Merlini

Silvia is the Controller at CHAR Technologies. She followed her passion for numbers after studying Law at La Sapienza University in Rome. In Canada, she graduated in Business Management and she is now specializing in Management Accounting at the University of Toronto. She has over 15 years of experience in business and accounting management. Her perseverance and attention to detail earned her a reputation for getting the job done, while keeping a human touch in the process. At CHAR, Silvia is thrilled that her passion for numbers can support the development of a sustainable future.


Kenneth P. Goodboy

Ken is VP of Pyrolysis R&D with CHAR Biocarbon. He has a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology – Rolla, MO with Honors.  He began his career in Alcoa R&D in the Chemicals Division where he conducted gas and liquid hydrocarbon research on activated aluminas, activated carbons, and molecular sieves.  He also designed an adsorbents and catalysts manufacturing plant for Alcoa.  In addition, to his expertise in gas phase thermodynamics, Ken has high temperature rotary and other kiln knowledge. At Alcoa, Ken also held various marketing management positions, including an assignment in Switzerland.  At Zenon Environmental Inc.  Ken was VP Membranes R&D and Manufacturing where he helped lead the commercialization of these proprietary membranes and was instrumental in executing Zenon’s growth strategy; later he was VP Operations.  Ken was also Chief Scientist, VP Manufacturing, and Board of Directors for Omex Environmental Engineering Ltd in China where he directed the company in water UF and EDI membranes R&D and manufacturing.  He was Global Director Desalination for Hatch and before that VP Water Treatment Systems Indeck Power Equipment Company.  Ken belongs to Sigma Xi and holds ten U.S. patents.  Ken is currently based in Pittsburgh, PA.


Andrew Thompson

Andrew is the Lead Production Operator with CHAR Biocarbon. He has 12 years of production experience in the automotive industry and recycling field, in various leadership roles. In his spare time Andrew can be found either at the rink, where he is a Trainer/Equipment Manager for a local Junior B hockey team, or on an adventure with his girlfriend and their dog Larkin. I’m excited to be apart of this growing team and it feels good to know that we are all here to make a positive change to the world. 

Timothy Cai, M.E.Sc, EIT

Timothy (Tian Dong) is the R&D Operator in the company’s biochar demonstration plant. He had completed a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering in the University of British Columbia and a Master’s Degree of the same field in the University of Western Ontario. Since his undergrad, he had years of hands-on experience through various academic and industrially sponsored pilot plant projects. He had R&D operation exposure to biomass gasification, pyrolysis, entrainment, and fluidized coking. With a strong mechanical aptitude, Timothy is always excited to see chemical processes though his involvement with installation, operations, maintenance and troubleshooting tasks. He enjoys working as part of a team and strives for continuous improvement.


Mohan Srinivasan, M.Eng

Mohan Srinivasan is a Field Service Electrical and Instrumentation Specialist in our CharTech Solutions Technology Division. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Instrumentation from Annamalai University, India, and Masters of Engineering degree in Instrument Technology from Madras Institute of Technology (MIT), India, graduating with the First Rank Recipient Award. He previously led the operations and maintenance of Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA), at United Arab Emirates, working for more than 15 years in power, gas and water industrial units.  With extensive training and knowledge in operation and maintenance of small and large power stations, he holds immense experience in conventional boilers, heat recovery steam generators, steam and gas turbines, water and wastewater facilities, desalination and reverse osmosis plants, across a broad range of power and water system units and process industries. Mohan is an enthusiastic and experienced professional who aims to advance his knowledge in the operations and maintenance of growing innovative engineering enterprises and technologies.  

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