CharTech Solutions’ team of experienced and specialized engineers have a proven track record for developing cost-effective solutions which have been deployed into numerous real-world applications across a wide range of industries. In each sector, we design, engineer and deliver advanced cleantech solutions with significant and sustainable environmental and financial benefits.

Food & Beverage
CharTech Solutions specializes in reducing pollution, ensuring compliance, and lowering the associated operating costs for processors to  deliver long-term savings.
  • Process Water and Wastewater Treatment/Reuse Solutions for Processors
  • Solid waste treatment and waste-to-energy solutions

We partner with clients in the automotive, aerospace, pulp & paper and wood treatment, and other core industries to integrate advanced water pollution and waste control into their operations. CharTech Solutions engineers solutions that ensures compliance and reduces operating costs.

  • Process Water and Wastewater Treatment/Reuse Solutions
  • Solid waste treatment and waste-to-energy solutions
Renewable Gas Projects

CharTech Solutions High Temperature Pyrolysis (HTP) Technology converts biosolids, digestate/manure, and wood/agricultural waste into high quality biocarbons and renewable gas outputs; syngas, hydrogen, and pipeline quality Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).

  • Biosolids High Temperature Pyrolysis Applications
  • Digestate/Manure High Temperature Pyrolysis Solutions
  • Wood & Agricultural Waste High Temperature Pyrolysis Solutions

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