CHAR Technologies Company Overview

CHAR is a cleantech development and services company, specializing in high temperature pyrolysis, converting woody materials and organic waste into renewable gases (renewable natural gas and green hydrogen) and biocarbon (activated charcoal “SulfaCHAR” and solid biofuel “CleanFyre”). Additional services include custom equipment for industrial water treatment, and providing services in environmental compliance, environmental management, site investigation and remediation, engineering, and resource efficiency. The Company is listed on the Exchange trading under the symbol YES.V.

CHAR has three operating groups: CharTech Solutions, CHAR Biocarbon and Altech Environmental Consulting.


CharTech Solutions develops and delivers innovative environmental technology solutions to eliminate water pollution and convert challenging waste streams into renewable and valuable outputs, helping companies embrace the circular economy.

As CHAR’s technology delivery group, CharTech Solutions designs and delivers turnkey water and high temperature pyrolysis projects to clients. With core competencies of process engineering and project management, CharTech Solutions specializes in delivering innovative service and technology solutions that are environmentally sustainable and cost-effective.

CharTech Solutions continually challenges the boundaries of technology to discover innovative, customized solutions in areas including pollution prevention, waste minimization, and water recycling.


The future of energy is low-carbon and CHAR Biocarbon is creating that future today. Using advanced pyrolysis technology and other innovative processes, CHAR Biocarbon is developing a suite of biocarbons, from activated charcoals that not only treat pollutants but also sequester carbon, to high efficiency biocoal that delivers cleaner power, while reducing emissions and saving money. Biocarbons are one of the two valuable outputs from the high temperature pyrolysis (HTP) process, the other being renewable gases (hydrogen and/or renewable natural gas).


Since 1986, Altech has partnered with its large, loyal, industrial customer base to expertly identify and implement environmental solutions that help clients measurably meet their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets and improve compliance, while reducing risks. Altech’s engineers and scientists combine long-term relationships with a flexible approach and deep regulatory knowledge, to help our clients meet their goals of optimizing profits while protecting and preserving the environment.