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CharTech Solutions’ proprietary High Temperature Pyrolysis (HTP) technology transforms challenging organic waste streams (biomass, biosolids, digestate) into renewable and valuable outputs by heating these materials at high temperatures in the absence of oxygen. The remaining solids are converted into a solid carbon product called biocarbon, also known as Biochar.

These high-value biocarbons help offset the use of resource intensive alternatives, and fix carbon long-term in a stable form from organic feedstock to reduce GHG emissions. CHAR Biocarbon products help industries save money, while decarbonizing for a circular economy.

Biocarbon can be used as a traditional Biochar Soil Amendment/ fertilizer product, as a biocoal product (CleanFyre), or as an adsorption media supplement and pollutant filter (SulfaCHAR)


Produced from organic feedstocks through the HTP process, there are many benefits of generating BIOCHAR for both the producer and the environment.  When used as a fertilizer or as a soil amendment product, the benefits include:  

  • Retains water in dry soils
  • Improves soil structure
  • Sequesters carbon in the ground
  • Holds nutrients in the soil
  • Reduces odor 
  • Can generate Carbon Dioxide – CO2  Removal Credits (CORCs)

Biochar & CORCs: With recent industry policy updates, companies producing Biochar from all organic feedstocks with varying levels of fixed carbon are now eligible for CORCs/carbon credits. In addition, projects have the ability to pre-sell the first year of  biochar carbon credits (pre-CORCs) to generate pre-construction revenue. 



CleanFyre is a biocoal produced from wood waste through CHAR’s High Temperature Pyrolysis(HTP) process to replace fossil fuel coal in applications such as steel, cement, and smelting processes. CleanFyre has a higher energy value than Anthracite Coal and reduces net GHG emissions by 2.90 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of fuel. CleanFyre can be integrated into smelting processes, and replace coal without a significant capital investment. 

By switching to CHAR’s CleanFyre GHG-neutral biocoal, users reduce GHG CO2 emissions and realize significant reduction in GHG-emission related costs. CleanFyre is ideal for decarbonizing large industries and offsetting fossil coal used in industrial processes. 



SulfaCHAR is an activated carbon supplement produced from digestate and compost by CHAR’s High Temperature Pyrolysis (HTP) process to adsorb noxious hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and odour. CHAR’s HTP process is typically  integrated into a biogas or renewable natural gas anaerobic digester (AD) to process the digestate/compost byproduct. During the processing of the byproduct of AD, SulfaCHAR is created as well as additional renewable gases that can be used to power both the equipment and facilities.

In addition, when anaerobic digestate (byproduct of AD) is processed via high temperature pyrolysis, it reduces the carbon intensity (CI) score of the overall AD facility, as proven by Eco Engineers study

The CI score can be a critical factor in the sale price of a facility’s renewable natural gas; the lower the CI score, the higher the sale price of the gas.


The CHAR Biocarbon operating group has two principal functions: 1) to pursue R&D efforts to develop higher value biocarbons and 2) work with CHAR and CharTech Solutions clients to find the appropriate applications  for the biocarbon produced by the HTP system, and establishing long-term offtake agreements.

Many HTP clients are not in the biocarbon business, but instead use HTP to minimize organic waste, eliminate contaminants, produce renewable energy, and a biocarbon/biochar product. CHAR Biocarbon works with producers and consumers of biocarbons to ensure the highest value is found for the produced biocarbon, and can even provide a long-term offtake for the bicarbon product.

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