About Us

CHAR is a cleantech development and services company, specializing in high temperature pyrolysis, converting woody materials and organic waste into renewable gases (renewable natural gas and green hydrogen) and biocarbon (activated charcoal “SulfaCHAR” and solid biofuel “CleanFyre”). Additional services include custom equipment for  industrial water treatment, and providing services  in environmental compliance, environmental management, site investigation and remediation, engineering and resource efficiency.

CHAR Technologies Ltd is a leading cleantech development and environmental services company listed on the TSXV (‘YES.V’). We specialize in delivering innovative service and technology solutions that are environmentally sustainable and cost-effective for our clients.

We challenge the boundaries of technology, exemplified by our development and use of advanced high temperature pyrolysis technology to convert low-value solid waste streams into renewable energy and valuable biocarbon outputs. Our systems and services solve environmental challenges, while delivering measurable value to our clients.

Focusing on resource efficiency and recovery, clean air and clean water treatment, our services and solutions significantly improve the environment and reduce costs for our clients.